English Exam Preparation

What are English Exam Preparation courses?

International exams are essential when it comes to learning English. They give a goal to aim for and are crucial for future employment or for further education in English. We are specialists in guiding you through the right programmes for the right exam. Your study time is optimised and your career prospects enhanced while doing these examination courses.

There are many international examinations available to students and here in GCI we offer two main English exam preparation courses:  Cambridge Exam Preparation and IELTS exam preparation.

We are one of the leading providers in exam preparation courses for the following international exams:

B1 Preliminary (PET)

B2 First (FCE)

C1 Advanced (CAE)


Throughout the year, GCI offers more than 27 exam preparation starting dates so you can plan your learning journey at a time that suits you. Our school is an accredited testing centre for Cambridge examinations so you will take your Cambridge exam in the school.



Cambridge Exam Preparation

Cambridge Exam Preparation

There are a few different Cambridge English Examinations offered by GCI. Improve your English and get an internationally recognised qualification in our Cambridge authorised exam centre.

From €1,240

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IELTS Exam Preparation

IELTS Exam Preparation

IELTS examination courses focuse on developing key techniques and strategies for the IELTS examination. Our academic team are available to assist with the application process for the IELTS examination.

From €1260

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Why should I do an English exam preparation course?

It becomes increasingly important to prove your English level by passing an internationally recognised exam.  Some common benefits of doing an exam preparation course are that you will feel much more relaxed and assured when the time to sit your exam comes.

International English exams such as Cambridge or IELTS are widely accepted as high-quality proof of language ability. Such language qualifications are:

  • Accepted by education institutions, employers and governments around the world
  • A mark of excellence, accepted and trusted by thousands of organisations worldwide
  • The perfect indication of your English level especially if you want to live, work and study in another country 
  • Gain a valuable qualification
  • A proof of your language ability at a particular level

Learners are taken through a rigorous timetable of class and home study and their progress is reviewed on a regular basis. Throughout the exam preparation course students are given high levels of support and guidance. Examination practice and study techniques are important components of these courses.

Which English exam should I choose?

Galway Cultural Institute offers a few different types of exam preparation courses to suit different type of learning needs. We deliver exam preparation courses for both Cambridge and IELTS exams.

B1 Preliminary (PET) is the English language exam that shows you have mastered the basics and that you understand the fundamentals of English language and you can use it in a wide variety of everyday situations related to work, school, leisure etc. Here are some reasons to choose B1 Certificate:

  • Improve your ability to communicate in English for practical tasks and situations
  • Gain a valuable qualification that is globally accepted
  • Improve your work, study and travel prospects

B2 First (FCE) is widely accepted by employers and universities as proof that your English level is high enough to live, work and study in an English speaking environment. This exam is the logical step in your language learning journey between B1 Preliminary and C1 Advanced. This is one of the most popular Cambridge exams and there are many reasons to take it:

  • Be able to communicate effectively face-to-face using English
  • Proves you have the language skills to live and work independently in an English-speaking country 
  • Accepted for entry to pre- university and foundation courses taught in English

C1 Advanced (CAE) is accepted by over 8,000 educational institutions, businesses and governments worldwide as proof that your level of English is high enough to study at postgraduate level or work in a managerial position. This is the in-depth, high-level qualification that shows you have the language skills that employers and universities are looking for. A C1 certificate will:

  • Enable you to become highly fluent in English
  • Be a confident and flexible English language speaker
  • Be your passport to international travel, work or study

IELTS is the International English Language Testing System.  It was one of the first systems to examine all four language skills (reading, writing, listening and speaking) and it is run by the British Council. IELTS is the world's most popular English test for higher education and global migration. You should choose this international exam if you:

  • Plan to start working or studying in a country where English is used as the main language of communication
  • Need to proof your English language skills
  • Open up opportunities for your future
  • Expect to immigrate to an English speaking country

Our blog Which Exam Preparation Course do I choose will give a more detailed insight of the various lengths of courses available. 

How will doing an English exam preparation course help me?

Planning to study or work abroad? A Cambridge or an IELTS English qualification is all you need to proof that you possess the necessary language skills to be successful.  Because they are globally recognised, a Cambridge or IELTS certificate can increase your choices for study or work abroad.

These international certificates can be used as proof for:

  • university admissions in English taught courses
  • employment in most English-speaking countries
  • visa and immigration
  • English language skills in the workplace

Why should I study English in Ireland?

Ireland is one of the most popular destinations for language learning and travel. In fact, Ireland just topped the list for the third year in a row and has been voted Best European Destination for 2019.

You will be studying on the beautiful West Coast of Ireland, in a fantastic, friendly city with plenty to do. Galway city will be hosting 2020 European Capital of Culture.

Here at the Galway Cultural Institute we have lots of experience in helping students achieve very high levels of English, which is why our exam pass rates are so good.  Our centre has been awarded the highest rating on the most recent inspection from Cambridge English Inspections Team demonstrating our continuous commitment to delivering high standards of Cambridge English examinations (June 2019).